Unten am Havn

4. — 6.9.

WOOLOO | Julie Gufler & Jivan Frenster
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen & Anik Lazar

Unten am Havn Festival 2015

It is showtime once again! On the weekend from 4 - 6 September Copenhagen meets Hamburg down by the Alster - a musical musical and contemporary art encounter where artists from Copenhagen and Hamburg get together once again to play, perform and install side by side.

Culturally Copenhagen and Hamburg are united by a common history which continues to dazzle, fascinate and bond people from both cities. This summer we inspire a collaboration between various artists from the neighboring North and Hamburg.


4.9.2015 | 21:00

Bonus Balls by Wooloo
Exhibition opening at the Galerie 10. Längengrad

4.9.2015 | 20:00

Motorium - Performance with Julie Gufler and Jivan Frenster
at Circus Polaris

5.9.2015 | 20:00

Delicate Bridges - Performance with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen & Anik Lazar
at Circus Polaris

5.9.2015 | 21:00

Concert Heimatt
Afterwards: Hysteria (We aint music/HH)

6.9.2015 | 11:00

Copenhagen meets Hamburg - Culture brunch
Sunday, 6.9.15 | 11:00 at Circus Polaris

Bonus Balls by Wooloo, Vernissage: Friday, 04.09.15, 21:00.
Exhibition: 07.09.15 - 09.10.2015 at the Galerie 10. Längengrad

Martin Rosengaard, Sixten Kai Nielsen and William Rawlings from Wooloo (CPH) are constructing site-specific sculptures and interventions aiming to imagine new social systems.
With BONUS BALLS they comment with satiric poignancy on global economical developments. This work has been exhibited 2012 in the public space during the COPENHAGEN ART FESTIVAL. 2015 it is finally restaged in the eurozone in Hamburg. After a currency exchange visitors are invited to pay with 20,- DKK coins in exchange for a taste of candy of extraordinary flavor.

Motorium - Performance with Julie Gufler and Jivan Frenster
Friday, 04.09.15, 20:00 at Circus Polaris

Julie Gufler (CPH) and Jivan Frenster (HH) work interdisciplinarily when sculpting actions, the body and utter wonder. MOTORIUM at UNTEN AM HAVN 2015 is their first collaborative performance, dealing with systems of encounter, fleeting situations and the very concept of you and I.
MOTORIUM. The sum of current circumstances, which influences the action.

One begins a tap dancer but becomes an athlete at thinking.
Ich finde Tanzen kommt am Schluss. Wenn man seinen Frieden mit dem Denken gefunden hat.
The difference between dancing alone and dancing by myself. Between actual and real.
Darüber nachdenken was die Anderen über dich denken als Tanz.
Some people would join around a circle to hold hands and step back and forth while cheering.
Oder die Befürchtung, dass die Anderen Idioten sind.
I cannot hear what you are saying now that everybody is looking.
Aufregung als Energie.

Delicate Bridges - Performance
with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen & Anik Lazar
Saturday, 5.9.15, 20:00 at Circus Polaris

The video and performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (CPH) collects, revises and universalises such themes as identity, culture and religion in her productions. In her performances, the artist uses texts, compositions and visual elements, such as decorations and costumes and puts them into a sitespecific context.
The spectrum of artist Anik Lazar (HH) ranges from performances to soundinstallations, sculptures, drawings to a spatial Gesamtkunstwerk.
DELICATE BRIDGES is the second collaboration between Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen and Anik Lazar which has started at the previous festival UNTEN AM HAVN 2013.

Concert Heimatt
Saturday, 5.9.15, 21:00 (Doors open: 20:00)
Afterwards: Hysteria (We aint music/HH)

His lyrics deal with love, loss and the wild tales that happened along a special journey. Magnus Grilstads sings about a very personal search to himself. Ever since he left his search is combined with epic and energetic live-shows benefiting the Danish band’s audience since Heimatt’s debut EP in 2013. After touring all the relevant Danish festivals they are now set to conquer the rest of Europe. The title of their first longplayer released in March 2015 is perfectly suited as motto for the evening: With You I Will Dance All the Way Through the Night. I Will Tie Your Hands and Go Blind. If You Just Let Me.

Copenhagen meets Hamburg - Culture brunch
Sunday, 6.9.15, 11:00 at Circus Polaris

To broaden and to complete this years´s festival program, we are happy to announce the first Copenhagen meets Hamburg Culture Brunch:

11:00 Start & Welcome:
Thomas Jakobsen (Director in the Culture- and Leisure Administration, City of Copenhagen)
Unten am Havn Festival Team
11:00 - 12:00 Brunch
12:00 - 13:00 Workshops
13:00 - 14:00 Wrapping up the results in a moderated debate, coffee, cake and networking
14:00 End of day

Your festival team of Unten am Havn is looking forward to seeing you! As the number of participants is limited, we kindly ask for reservation until 31st of August under kulturbrunch@unten-am-havn.net.

Copenhagen meets Hamburg - Culture Brunch
Workshop I (6.9.15, 12:00 - 13:00)

Best Practice Copenhagen - Concert noise and innovations in canalising noise - Gramex and The City of Copenhagen

The number of open air events is rising. In cities there often are clashes of interests because of outdoor activities experienced as noise by some inhabitants. But wether a sound is experienced as noise is not only a matter of the sound level in decibel. In 2014 Gramex, the City of Copenhagen, the Region of Zeeland and different start ups and creative businesses started The House Of Sound. It´s aim is to bring together innovative approaches and results of acustic research to develop new ways of canalizing noise.

Copenhagen meets Hamburg - Culture Brunch
Workshop II (6.9.15, 12:00 - 13:00)

Best Practice Hamburg - The eCulture Agenda – Dr. Dirk Petrat, The City of Hamburg

With this agenda, Hamburg is facing up to the task to enable all citizens to gain access to cultural objects and offers. National institutions managing cultural goods and initiating cultural processes are enabled to make their contents accessible and save it. Wether digitalising and presenting cultural archives or creating mobile applications for museums to foster exchange between citizens and cultural practicioner the eCulture agenda hosts many projects and is looking for sharing concepts with other international cultural centres – as the digital world does not end at country borders.

Copenhagen meets Hamburg - Culture Brunch
Workshop III (6.9.15, 12:00 - 13:00)

Regulars' table 2.0 - Copenhagen meets Germany

German culture is becoming ever more popular amongst the Danes, not least the population in the Danish capital. Now, a new network is being born. The mission is to make younger people aware of the cool cultural stuff happening south of the Danish border plus creating new relations beyond them. Two of the founder´s of this new network will deliver a dynamic workshop in order to co-create new ideas for collaboration between Copenhagen and Germany."


Circus Polaris, Ballindamm 9, 20095 Hamburg

One weekend in cool Copenhagen

We depart for a weekend full of nordic cool by inviting some dashing bands and artists from Copenhagen to the Alster - and for a happy few this weekend is bound to continue in the royal city itself: in Copenhagen. The city beyond the Belt is considered the musical metropolis in Scandinavia with concerts, live music clubs, a vibrant art and culture scene - all keys to a weekend trip never to be forgotten. Not to forget the legendary Free State of Christiana with its own football team, the bike paths à la carte, the urban seasides and those inspiriting people commonly called Copenhageners. Thanks to our partners VisitDenmark and Deutsche Bahn you can win a trip for two to Copenhagen.

Simply answer the following question until 6 September 2015:

Where does the Little Mermaid sit?

Send your answer to gewinn@visitdenmark.com



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